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Castle Baldeney in Germany, Essen resort

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Castle Baldeney is located in the southern part of Essen, on the shores of the picturesque artificial lake Baldeney.

The construction of the castle was initiated by the count Adolf von Mark on the banks of the Ruhr River. The construction was completed in 1226. The castle was used as the residence of ministerial officials.

The castle was first mentioned in documents from 1337, where it is said that the owner of the estate at that time was Theodoricus von Leyen. In the same period, the castle chapel was founded. The Lyenes family owned the castle until 1445. Subsequently, the estate often changed its owners, passing as a dowry on the female line.

Since 1747, Franz Ernst von Bottlenberg, captain, becomes the owner of the castle, while serving in the Imperial Guard. Until 1968, the Botlenberg family remained the owner of the castle.

Since 1921, the castle was rented out. The first in the building was the school hostel. In 1933, after a dam was built on the Ruhr, the castle became a popular country restaurant.

After the change of ownership in 1968, restoration work was carried out in the castle. In 1992, the castle chapel was restored. As a result of a strong fire in 2004, the building was seriously damaged. Soon, the restoration work of the castle was carried out, after which it was again put up for sale.

Nowadays, only three buildings have survived from the complex. The main building is especially interesting, used as a manor house. The oldest building in the building is a three-storey tower dating from the 14th century. In the 17th century, an east wing was added to the tower, and in the 18th century - west wing.

Another three-story structure can be seen to the northwest of the building. In those ancient times, it housed servants' apartments and stables. The arched gates on the ground floor have significantly influenced the appearance of the building. The construction of the building was carried out at the turn of the XIX – XX centuries in the style of romanticism.

The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, located on the west side of the building, was erected in the 16th century. The canopy, supported by four columns, was added in 1821.

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Topic: Castle Baldeney in Germany, Essen resort.Castle Baldeney in Germany, Essen resort

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