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Bodenstein Fortress in Germany

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The Bodenstein Fortress is a medieval-style castle located on a small hill in the mountain range in the north of the Eichsfeld region in Thuringia. Under the hill is a valley with the village of Vinitzingerode.

Once this fortress was just a small border post separating the lands of the Franks and Saxons. Presumably, the first who ruled this place as a fortress was the Duke of Saxony, Henry I of the Birds, this place was designed to protect the Frankish lands from Hungarian raids.

Soon the castle went into the possession of Otto, who was related to the Saxon dynasty Northheim. Soon after, the old fortifications began to be demolished and changed. The new castle was made of stone. The more reliably defended fortress became one of the main defensive structures of the Saxon dynasty.

In 1275, Bodenstein Castle became part of the Welf family. In 1337, after inviting the landowner Hans von Wintzingerode, Otto von Rusteberg from Thuringia and the manufactory Berthold von Vorbis as sponsors, the fortress was reconstructed again. The resulting building also changed owners many times until it was finally taken over by the Winzingerode family in 1448.

In 1971-1989, the castle, having lost its strategic importance, became a place of public recreation, today it venue for seminars and conferences. In the early 90s of the XX century, the building was reconstructed and restored again. Now it is also a family hotel with a touch of the Middle Ages.

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Topic: Bodenstein Fortress in Germany.Bodenstein Fortress in Germany

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