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Essen Cathedral in Germany, Essen resort

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Essen Cathedral is a Catholic cathedral located in the Stadtkern district on Burgplatz, in the city of Essen.

The walls of the modern temple were built in the XIV century, however, according to archaeological excavations carried out here, it turned out that the cathedral was built on the site of an older Christian church.

The external appearance of the modern temple provides for a mixture of several architectural styles. The massive verstvork towers (western facade) have survived from an old church dating from 1058 in the Romanesque style. Due to a strong fire that occurred in 1275, the cathedral was completely destroyed, the only surviving part was the workbench. Soon, a new hall temple in the Gothic style was built on this site. Master Martin became the project manager. In the 18th century, after the Baroque style entered fashion, most of the elements changed style, keeping up with the times. In the 19th century, the neo-Gothic style replaced the baroque.

During the Second World War, the cathedral was seriously damaged. The restoration work ended only in 1958. In the same year, the Catholic Diocese of Essen was formed, and the Cathedral of Essen became its main church.

Near the western facade of the cathedral, you can observe the small Gothic church of John the Baptist, which, along with the Essen Cathedral, forms a single architectural composition.

The cathedral is also famous for its treasury. The main jewel of the treasury is the 74-centimeter figure of the Golden Madonna, which was created from poplar and covered with gold leaf on top. Also noteworthy is the children's crown of Otto III, the Ottonid sword, four crosses, a Carolingian manuscript, a collection of Burgundy clasps, a sculpture of St. Roch dating from the 16th century, etc.

Also worth paying attention to column of Abbess Ida, which is the oldest monument of the cathedral. The column is in the choir, and a modern cross was installed above it. Until the 15th century, a gilded copper cross hung over the column.

Altfrid's sarcophagus, created in the Gothic style, can be seen in the crypt of the temple. The composition 'Burial of Christ', located in the southern longitudinal nave, was made in the 16th century.

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Topic: Essen Cathedral in Germany, Essen resort.Essen Cathedral in Germany, Essen resort

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