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Huguenpot Castle in Germany, Essen resort

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Huguenpot Castle is a complex of ancient castle structures located in the swampy floodplain of the Ruhr. The complex consists of an external antechamber, an internal antechamber and a manor house.

The Huguenpot was first mentioned in a 778 document. At that time, the castle belonged to Charlemagne, the Frankish king and representative of the Carolingian dynasty. Soon, Charles in Verdun (Essen district) created an abbey for Benedictine monks, to which the king also gave his residence.

In 1314 the castle was taken over by the knight Flezke von Hugenpot, who used it as point to control the bridge. Subsequently, the castle turned into a powerful fortified fortress, unfortunately, there is no information left about who and when was engaged in strengthening it. However, it is known that in 1478 the castle was completely burnt down after being attacked.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the new owners of the castle built a new building 200 meters from the old building. Until the 18th century, the ancient castle complex consisted of one building and one tower, preserved from the old castle. The new building was also seriously damaged during the Thirty Years War.

Construction of a new complex was started on the ruins of old buildings in 1647. the work was completed in 1696 under the new owner of the castle, Baron Constantin Erasmus von Nesselrode-Hugenpot. At that time, the portal of the Lord's House was decorated with the family coats of arms of the baron and his wife. In 1831 the castle was sold at auction due to the family's financial affairs. The new owner of the deputy was Leopold von Furstenberg, whose descendants still own the castle today. In 1844-1872, the castle was reconstructed, during which it acquired the neo-Renaissance style.

The manor house is a rectangular building, which was protected from the north by powerful flanking towers with lanterns and weathercocks. The northern facade of the house was decorated with terraces.

The outer part of the castle is a one-storey L-shaped building located in the western part of the complex. Here you can also see the gates, on which the coats of arms of the owners of the castle are preserved – Messrs. Winkelhausen and Nisselrode. The loopholes of the building indicate that it was built on the basis of an old structure that has survived from the beginning of the 16th century.

The inner castle consists of two elongated structures topped with hipped roofs that stretch across a deep defensive moat. Inside the western building you can see an archway, behind which is the castle chapel.
The castle currently houses a comfortable hotel and two restaurants.

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