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Hartheim Castle in Austria

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Hartheim Castle is located near the city of Linz. It is considered an example of Renaissance architecture.

Hartheim Castle bears the name of its first owners. The Hartheim family owned the castle   from about 1130 to 1323. In those days, the castle consisted of one tower, which was surrounded by a small wall. A shallow ditch was located along the walls.

Throughout the history of its existence, the castle has changed many owners. At the beginning of the 16th century, the castle was acquired by the Aspan family. They rebuilt the castle in the Renaissance style. The main wall and 4 corner towers were built. After the reconstruction carried out by the Aspan family, the castle has not changed its structure. In 1799, the castle was bought by Prince George Adam.

In 1898, the owner of the castle was Prince Heinrich Starhemberg Camillo, who later donated it to the Catholic Church, and a medical institution for the disabled and the mentally ill was created here.  

In 1900-1910, renovations were carried out in the castle, during which the main building and all outbuildings were adapted for a medical institution. In 1926, an elevator appeared here. During World War II, the Nazis used the castle as a center for euthanasia.  

After the end of the war, Hartheim Castle was converted into a museum dedicated to the memory of those killed in euthanasia centers and concentration camps.

In 1997, the Austrian government decided to restore the castle and organize a memorial there. During the restoration work, rooms were found where the massacres of patients took place. In the gardens of the castle and the bus depot, numerous burials of people were found,   burnt in crematoria.

After the restoration was completed in 2002, the castle was opened to tourists.

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Topic: Hartheim Castle in Austria.Hartheim Castle in Austria

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