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Wiesentau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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Wiesenthau Castle – Bavarian castle located in the north-east of the Wiesentau commune. The castle is a Renaissance architectural complex with corner towers, erected in the 1750s.

The first information about this castle dates back to 1379. However, there are references to the fact that since 1062 a part of the royal court was located here.

Initially, the castle was owned by the Wiesentau family. However, since 1379, due to financial difficulties, part of the castle was leased to the prince-bishop of Bamberg. And soon, in 1383, the castle was sold. Only in 1460 were the descendants of the first owners able to return it to their property. But twice more, in 1630-1650. and in 1767, the Wiesentau family was on the verge of bankruptcy and nearly lost the castle.

In 1430, during the Hussite wars, the castle was badly destroyed. In 1525 the Peasant War caused even more damage to the castle. Soon, in 1566, a radical reconstruction of the castle was carried out. and since 1805, the Wiesentau castle became the property of the Wittelsbach family.

Today there is a hotel and a restaurant next to the castle.

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Topic: Wiesentau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort.Wiesentau Castle in Germany, Bavaria resort

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