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Castle Plessis-Bourret in France, Loire Valley resort

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Plessy-Burre Castle – one of the most beautiful castles located in the Loire Valley. The castle has well preserved its appearance, it has hardly changed over almost five centuries of its history.

In 1462, the treasurer of Louis XI, Jean Bure, took possession of the lands of Plessis-les-Vens and from that moment began its countdown is the history of the castle. Jean begins construction a few years later, it was completed by 1473. On the site of the feudal estate, a small fortress was erected, which at the same time performs the function of a convenient residence for the owner and a place for lavish celebrations and balls. Thus, the decoration of the castle and its architecture combine medieval trends and the luxury of the Renaissance.

Almost nothing is known about the history of the castle, until the arrest of its owner, Count Ruije, in 1793. There are no exact facts about the next two centuries. It is known for certain that the owners often changed until 1911, when the castle came into the hands of Monsieur Waisset, the ancestor of the current owners of the castle.

During the First World War, the castle was given to the military, it housed a hospital ... Since 1939, the castle has been listed as a historical monument in France. During the Second World War   the castle was not damaged: it housed the American embassy.

After the death of Monsieur Waisset, the castle became the property of his nephew, who opened the castle to the public in 1955. Today, the castle is owned by representatives of the Reye-Sous Antoinette and Bruno Ferrier de Savebeuf family. They live in the castle constantly and monitor its condition.

Despite the paucity of historical information, the Plessis-Bourret castle became very famous: the French postal service placed its image on a special stamp. Also on the territory of the castle some films were filmed:"Donkey's skin" (1970) with Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais, The Hunchback (1997), 'Fanfan Tulip' (2003) scripted by Luc Besson.

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Topic: Castle Plessis-Bourret in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle Plessis-Bourret in France, Loire Valley resort

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