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Detenice Castle in the Czech Republic

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Detenice Castle is today a Czech architectural monument of the Renaissance. The castle is located on the outskirts of the Bohemian Paradise, 70 kilometers from Prague.

The history of the castle began in the first half of the 11th century. Legend has it that the local village was formed during the reign of Ulrich. Once while hunting, the prince found abandoned children in the forest. The prince's nobility did not allow them to be left in the forest, so he took them to him. Ulrich later ordered to build a village and name it Detenice. The castle appeared in these places only two centuries later.

Initially, the castle was a Gothic fortress, which has changed many owners over a long history. At first, the castle belonged to the knightly families, and then passed to the nobles.

The fortress changed its appearance more than once during the reconstruction. During the possession of the castle by the Krzynecky dynasty, it acquired the Renaissance style that was fashionable at that time. The Detenice belonged to the Krzhenickys for over 100 years. In the same period, one of the representatives of this family built a large tower here. Legend has it that the former owner of the castle, fleeing execution, fled to Saxony, but before that he managed to hide in the underground labyrinths under the tower of the treasure.

After the Krzhenice family, the family time was one of the nobles in Bohemia. Like the previous owners, Waldschein remained the owners of the castle for a century. Later the castle was bought by the Czech Count Jan Christian Klam-Gallas, who ordered the rebuilding of the castle in the late Baroque style. The project was carried out by the architect Zachariyash Figuert.

During the Austrian revolution that broke out in the early 19th century, the Austrian baron Visserberg took refuge in Detenica. Subsequently, Detenice passed to his son, who bequeathed the castle to the Order of the Knights of Malta. At the beginning of the 20th century, a Jewish tycoon took possession of the castle, whose son managed to lose the entire estate on the stock exchange. Until 1927, the castle did not have a specific owner, until it was acquired by the civil engineer Rzegak. At the same time, the buildings were renovated and restored. After 1945, the castle served as a school of gardening for girls.

The interior of the castle is rich in various interior elements of those times, a variety of works of art and values that belonged to the owners of the castles.

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Topic: Detenice Castle in the Czech Republic.Detenice Castle in the Czech Republic

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