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Palm Jumeirah in the UAE, Dubai resort

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Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island, which is part of the largest artificial archipelago   -"Palm Islands". The island, viewed from above, is a palm tree with sixteen branches.

The Palm Jumeirah consists of several elements:
  • The"trunk" is the central part of the island. There are shopping centers, restaurants and parks here. Also in this part of the island, multi-storey residential buildings are being built, where it will be possible to buy one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments with magnificent sea views.
  •  "Krona" consists of sixteen branches (microdistricts) ... On the branches there are exclusive villas, which are all different in design and area.
  •   The"Crescent" is the barrier that surrounds and protects the"Palm". Here are the hotels of famous hotel chains, which are built in Venetian, Brazilian, Japanese and other styles. The"crescent" is connected to the top of the"palm" by an underwater tunnel.

The Jumeirah island is connected to the mainland by a bridge of 300 meters, and a monorail high-speed train runs across the bridge (the first in the Middle East ).


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Topic: Palm Jumeirah in the UAE, Dubai resort.Palm Jumeirah in the UAE, Dubai resort

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