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Castle Reo in France, Loire Valley resort

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Castle Reo – one of the Renaissance castles of the Loire Valley. Located in the village of Chuse-sur-Loire. The castle has a rather interesting history, it also changed several names.

The castle was built by the Brisonne family, to which the famous Cardinal de Saint-Malo belonged. Construction began in the 15th century by his father, the main work was completed by his grandson.

The castle went through different owners, the most famous of them is – memoirist Talleman de Reo, author of Amusing Stories about the life of the court of the era of Henry IV. It was at his request and, moreover, in his honor, in 1653 the castle changed its name: from the Chateau Chouze-sur-Loire   on Le Reo.

The architecture of the castle is distinguished by strict forms, classic proportions, romantic moat bridges and checkerboard-style towers and facades. The castle is surrounded by centuries-old trees.

Rheo Castle is called the most refined and elegant castle of the Loire Valley. The current owner of the castle, maintaining this glory, to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the castle in 2008, created here a picture `` Gallery of women's legs ''. The collection has more than seven hundred paintings.

The castle is one of the selected castles of the Loire and is currently for sale.

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Topic: Castle Reo in France, Loire Valley resort.Castle Reo in France, Loire Valley resort

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