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Sigmaringen Castle in Germany

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Image The castle is located in the village of the same name Sigmaringen, in Baden-Wurttemberg. This place was once the seat of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty. Like many German castles, Sigmaringen sits on an elevation of 605 meters above sea level. Its majestic outlines are visible from afar and seem to grow out of the rock on which they are located.
But the castle attracts a huge number of tourists not only because of its appearance, but also thanks to the rich history and interesting museums inside the castle building. Sigmaringen was built in the Middle Ages (mentions appeared in the 12th century, when the castle was under an unsuccessful siege of Rudolf von Schwaben), but today we can only see towers from that architecture, the rest was added in the 16th-17th centuries, as well as at the end of the 19th century.
Today the castle Sigmaringen looks very organic in terms of architecture, although during the rebuilding it added elements of Renaissance architecture or pseudo-Gothic style. The most ancient are considered the 'Roman tower' and the central tower of the castle.
Tourists visiting the castle can contemplate a completely unique collection of weapons stored here and including about three thousand copies of weapons, armor and other military equipment. The exhibits belong to the most different times, from the XIV to the XX century, they can be used to freely study the history of European weapons. The merit in the collection of such a collection belongs in many respects to Prince Karl Anton, who was a great gun lover.
The territory of the castle also includes a gallery where people with especially strong nerves can enjoy the collection of torture instruments from different times.   Nearby is a less violent museum of ancient history, the exhibits of which were obtained as a result of numerous archaeological excavations. Thanks for organizing this museum is worth the same rich in hobbies Prince Karl Anton.
Another Princely Museum contains a variety of paintings, sculptural works, as well as the work of skilled blacksmiths and glass crafts. And lovers of ancient books will be interested in the Hohenzollern library, which has collected about two hundred thousand volumes, among which there are even books of the 12th century. To the south-west of the castle in the building of the royal stables you can also see the museum of the royal carriages with intricate carriages, carriages and sledges.


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