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Schwerin Castle in Germany

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Schwerin Castle – one of the most outstanding medieval monuments among the few castles in northern Germany. Today it is the seat of the head of the Mecklenburg House in Schwerin.

The castle is located on an island from which to the garden and the city of Schwerin are led by two bridges. This `` monument of historical romanticism '', according to art critics, was erected in the 16th-17th centuries on the site of a Slavic fortress that existed here much earlier. The castle was originally built in the Romanesque style.

But over the next centuries, the building was rebuilt many times, and elements of more and more new architectural styles were introduced into the exterior. Thus, in the middle of the 19th century, elements in the style of the Renaissance were introduced into the exterior of the castle, intricately combined with elements of the Gothic, Baroque and other styles. Thus, the castle is eclectic in its architecture, due to which it becomes even more interesting.

Schwerin Castle is crowned with a huge number of variously shaped turrets and spiers. They say their number coincides with the number of days in a year. But the external splendor of the castle is in harmony with the beauty of the interior. Despite a fire in 1913, which ruined the interior of the castle, most of the furnishings are very well preserved.

Today, a museum is open in the castle building, visiting which tourists can see the luxurious ducal chambers, the throne room, a gallery hung with family portraits of the inhabitants of the castle from the Mecklenburg family, who lived here in the XIV-XVIII centuries. Separately, in the former nursery, there is an exhibition of Meissen porcelain. To complete the experience, tourists are invited to dine in the recreated ancient setting of the palace.

Also architecturally remarkable is the first Protestant church of Mecklenburg , a Renaissance monument located in the courtyard of the castle. You should definitely walk through the landscaped garden surrounding the island with the castle and built in the English style with a lot of shady groves, terraces, greenhouses, rocky grottoes and green lawns.

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Topic: Schwerin Castle in Germany.Schwerin Castle in Germany

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