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Burg Castle in Germany

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Burg Castle (also called Schlossburg) is located in the German city of Solingen in Westphalia. This castle is the largest of all restored old castles in Germany. This is just a tidbit for any tourist.

The castle was built by Count Adolph II of Berg in the XII century, originally existed under the name of Neuenburg. Only three centuries later, the castle received its current name (literally meaning `` residence castle ''). Counts of Berg lived there at that time. The Thirty Years' War and other raids significantly destroyed the castle building.

At the end of XIX – At the beginning of the 20th century, the castle was reconstructed, but a fire in 1920 almost completely destroyed it again. It was only in 1929 that the castle was finally restored and took on its appearance around the 18th century. Today the castle is a popular museum as well as an archaeological site.

Like many other castles in Germany, Burg sits on top of a fairly high hill. The ascent does not take much time, especially since today the hill is equipped with a convenient lift.   Passing through the vaulted Lower Gate, you can get directly into the outer courtyard of the castle, which bends around it on both sides. Well, the very heart of the castle is located closer to the east, you can get here through the Upper Gate.

The greatest interest of tourists is attracted by the building of the Siege Tower, 18 meters high, located in the courtyard of the castle. There is a museum here. The Bell Tower located right there got its name from the three bells that crown it. The inner halls of the castle are also curious.

In the Family Hall, tourists can see numerous documents of the genealogy of German emperors. The walls of the central Mantel Castle are decorated with paintings depicting the life of the Middle Ages. And the largest room can be considered the Knights' Hall (25 by 13 meters). Once upon a time, lavish receptions, celebrations and festivals were held there.

Also in the castle is an interesting chapel built in the Gothic style with a wooden sculpture of the Archangel Michael above the entrance. It was once used only by the inhabitants of the castle, and today ordinary weddings are held here. You can also see various weapons in the courtyard of Berg Castle,

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