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Waldeck Castle in Germany

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Image The medieval Waldeck Castle is located near the town of Waldeck in the federal state of Hesse   Waldeck-Frankenberg district. Near the castle walls are the waters of the dam lake Eder. The foundation of the castle was cut from the rock itself, which rises 120 meters above the lake. Around the castle there is a forest that runs down the hill.
The castle has a rich history, many unconfirmed legends circulate around its foundation. According to legend, the castle was founded by a certain knight who received the name Waldeck and named his residence in the same way. He wandered for a long time through the uncomfortable surroundings in search of a place where a castle could be built, and a peasant pointed out to him a suitable spot on a hill in the middle of the forest. The very name `` Waldeck '' literally means"forest corner".
As for the official mention of the castle, they date back to the XII century. Then he was ruled by the German Count Volkwin I von Schwalenberg, whose descendants later had the permanent title of von Waldeck. In the possession of this dynasty, Waldeck   was five centuries. Count Adolf von Waldeck can be considered the most active owner. It was he who in 1270 restored the castle after the destruction and completed it as a whole. Since these distant times, the appearance of the castle has hardly changed. And also this castle was once visited by the Russian emperor Peter I.
At the end of the 17th century, the castle from a residence became more of a military fortress, and then a state prison altogether. Heavy stone walls three meters thick, as well as formidable old cannons made in France and a powder tower remind of the military past. Also, at different times, it housed the national archive, the forestry administration and, finally, a medieval-style hotel that still exists today.
the castle can be considered a well, cut right in the rock and rather gloomy dungeons, where prisoners were once held on chains. By the way, according to another legend, it was three prisoners who, on the orders of the knight Waldeck, built the above-mentioned well for 10 years. He promised in gratitude for this freedom to the captives.

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