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Hohenzollern Castle in Germany

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Imagelocated 50 km south of Stuttgart on the top of the mountain of the same name at an altitude of 855 meters in the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It also got its name from the medieval Hohenzollern dynasty, which ruled Prussia and Brandenburg until the 20th century.

The first mentions of the fortress date back to the 13th century. After that, it was destroyed more than once and rebuilt again. Today we can see the third building of the castle, built already in the 18th century by King of Prussia Friedrich Wilhelm IV, from the old buildings only the chapel of St. Michael.

The castle was not originally built as a residential building, it was a kind of family monument and has always been an exclusively tourist attraction. Only after the end of World War II, the last Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm with his family began to live in it. After their death, many historical artifacts began to be transferred to the castle, gradually turning it into a museum.

The building of Hohenzollern Castle itself is made in the neo-Gothic style, a kind of medieval idyll, which was strongly influenced by the movement of German romanticism ... Indeed, the castle embodies the image of a real castle of medieval knights who made their heroic campaigns from here, as if from a knightly ballad. It attracts a lot of tourist interest. The location of the castle itself is unusual - and ndash; at the very top of the Swabian Alps, so that in cloudy weather the castle spiers rise above the clouds themselves, complementing the overall impression.

Climbing the steep steps among the dense forest takes about 20 minutes, and from above you can enjoy stunning views of the surroundings. At the very base of the castle, tourists can visit the chapels, as well as the beer courtyard surrounded by a lush garden. Detailed excursions are organized around the castle.

Many interesting ancient objects can be seen in the castle museum. For example, the crown of the Prussian kings and the uniform of Frederick the Great are kept here, as well as letters addressed by the President of America, George Washington, to Baron von Steuben. Until 1991, the burials of the remains of Frederick I and Frederick the Great could be found here.

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