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Fortress Hornberg in Germany

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Image The Hornberg Fortress is located near the German commune of Neckarzimmern and stands on the famous path called the Road of Castles and Palaces. This path connects Rothenburg ob der Tauber with Heilbronn and Heidelberg.
Outwardly, the fortress looks very picturesque, since the whole area around it is overgrown with lush vineyards, and green slopes lead down to the romantic Neckar valley. The fortress is about 170 meters long.
Presumably the fortress was built in the XI century, although the first mention of it refers only to 1184 (then the fortress was called Horemberg). For several centuries the castle was under the rule of the Bishop of Speersky. Among the numerous owners of this beautiful building, the knight Gottfried von Berlichingen left the brightest trace in history, who dreamed of getting the castle in his possession from his youth and in 1517 finally fulfilled his dream. And he lived in his beloved castle for 45 years, having died here in   82 years.
After the death of his grandfather, the grandson of Duke Philip was actively involved in reconstruction and furnishing the castle for life, but financial difficulties pushed him to sell the castle in 1612. Its new owners were winemakers - the barons of Gemming, who, I must say, own this architectural monument to this day. It was through their efforts that repeated reconstructions and restoration of Hornberg Castle were carried out.
Today the owners have turned the residential part of the castle into a hotel with a restaurant decorated in the style of knightly times. Tourists can visit it and taste local and international cuisine. The restaurant's terrace offers a unique view of the surroundings.


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Topic: Fortress Hornberg in Germany.Fortress Hornberg in Germany

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