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Laneck Castle in Germany

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Lanek Castle can be seen on a high hill at the point where two rivers intersect – Lan and Rain. It is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the city of Lahnstein. The castle remains one of the few castles in Germany where people still live today.

Residential is the restored central part of the castle, and from the outer fortifications practically nothing, except ruins, remained. This place attracts tourists who dream of plunging into the atmosphere of the true European Middle Ages.

In written sources, this castle was originally called Logenecke. It was erected in the distant   1226 by Archbishop Elector Siegfried III von Eppstein to protect his possessions and the adjacent silver mines from the north. In 1245, the appearance of the castle was supplemented with a chapel dedicated to St. Ulrich of Augsburg.

A number of events and outstanding personalities. So, in 1298, shortly before his death in battle, the German king Adolf I von Nassau lived here for some time. And the year 1332 was marked by the graciousness of Pope John XXII granting a forty-day indulgence to all who pray in the aforementioned chapel.

Archbishop Dieter von Isenburg made a significant contribution to the development and strengthening of the castle. So, by his order, the main defensive structures were erected:   inner zwinger, semicircular towers from the south of the castle, wide moat, etc.

The Thirty Years War did not pass the castle by it was captured and plundered by the Swedes, after which it turned into ruins for a long time. Although in this form, the castle was amazing. Thus, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, traveling along the Lahn River and seeing the majestic ruins, was inspired to write his poem"Greeting of the Spirit".

The castle began its new life in 1854, when it was acquired by the Englishman Edward Moriarty, director of the Rhine Railway Company. His activity has helped to almost completely restore the building without losing its medieval flavor. The restoration of the building was continued by the next owner - Gustav Goede.

Finally, the modern look of the castle Lanek acquired at the beginning of the XX century through the efforts of Admiral Robert Mishke, whose descendants still run the castle. Since the 1930s, the first floor has been open to visitors. Tours are held here today. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the hill and listen to the fascinating old legends that have grown over the castle over the centuries.


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Topic: Laneck Castle in Germany.Laneck Castle in Germany

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