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Broich Castle in Germany

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The eponymous district in the German city of Mulheim an der Ruhr can boast of this castle as its important attraction. It is one of the oldest Carolingian castles on the north side of the Alps. Its construction dates back to the 9th century.

The Vikings entered this territory in the winter of 883. The need to defend against them forced the East Frankish Duke Henry of Franconia to build a fortified camp on the banks of the Ruhr to protect the ford. The camp was an oval wall, inside which was a hastily built two-story castle that was not designed to last too long.

Already in the middle of the 19th century, the castle building the time has already come to a dilapidated state, was bought by the banker Eduard Stoecker. The appearance of the castle is complemented by a two-storey villa, and the previously half-timbered residential buildings are being demolished. After the Second World War, the municipal authorities were already involved in the repair of the castle. Only in 1975 was Broich in a fairly decent condition, to open up as a tourist attraction.

Today the castle is not only a historical and architectural value that attracts tourists, but also a venue weddings, formal celebrations and lavish presentations. Inside, guests can see the shiny parquet floors of the Knights' Hall with large chandeliers and an abundance of accessories. The castle is also famous for its historical museum, whose exhibits plunge into the distant past of this majestic place.

Events such as Castle Rock Festival and Jazz Night in Muhlheim. Real knightly tournaments are organized annually in the castle's spacious courtyard. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity at a traditional medieval bazaar.

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Topic: Broich Castle in Germany.Broich Castle in Germany

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