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Castle Glucksburg in Germany

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Glucksburg Castle is located close to the German-Danish border. This is the northern part of Germany, the Baltic Sea coast and the city of the same name. Almost the castle itself stands right on the surface of the lake, the foundation for it had to be made two and a half meters high.

This unusual castle was erected quite quickly, in 1582-1587, in just five years old. The architect was Nikolaus Caries. For several centuries, the owners of this one of the most beautiful castles in Germany were the dukes of Schleswig-Holstein.  

In the middle of the 19th century, the castle came out of the possession of Germany, passing into the hands of the Danish king Christian IX. Danish kings gladly came here using Gluxburg   as his summer residence.

Today there is a museum inside the castle, open to tourists. Sometimes you can listen to various live performances there.


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Topic: Castle Glucksburg in Germany.Castle Glucksburg in Germany

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