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Gottorf Castle in Germany

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Gottorf is a castle-palace located in Germany, in the city of Schleswig. The building is located on an island in Schlei Bay. Russian tourists will be especially interested in this castle, because until the beginning of the 18th century it was the residence of the Holstein-Gottorf house, which was directly related to many rulers of Russia.

This estate was first mentioned in 1161 with a settlement here the Schleswig Bishop Okko. In the XIII century, the castle was owned by the Danish Duke of Schleswig, in the XIV - by the Count of Holstein, in the 15th century the castle was received by the first monarch of the Oldenburg dynasty Christian I.

Each owner brought something to the appearance of his residence new, expanded it. The Danish monarch Frederick I especially tried, for whom Gottorf became the main place of residence, he died here. After that, the castle went to his son – Duke Adolf. Most of the owners of the castle maintained friendly relations with Russia.

The Gottorf Palace acquired its modern appearance in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The reconstruction plan, led by the Swedish court architect Tessin the Younger, involved the rebuilding of the castle in the Baroque style. The experience of Italian architects was used, in particular, the architect Bernini.

Unfortunately, immediately after the completion of the reconstruction, the castle was captured by Danish troops. The luxurious interior items quickly disappeared, and the castle again fell into a deplorable state. In the 19th century, the building served as a Danish and then Prussian barracks.

Only after World War II did the authorities turn their attention to Gottorf again. Most of the decoration was restored, as well as the magnificent Versailles-style park around the castle, along with the Globe Pavilion. In 2003, a meeting of the presidents of Russia and Germany took place here. The site was chosen as a testament to the closeness and unity of the history of the two countries.

Today in the Gottorf castle you can visit the regional museum of archeology, the museum of art and cultural history.


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