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Gottorp Palace in Germany

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Gottorp Palace – castle-palace, standing on an island in Schlei Bay. Until 1702, the palace was the residence of the Holstein-Gottorp house (representatives of this family ruled in Russia from 1761 to 1917). Today it houses regional museums of art, cultural history and archeology.

The first mentions of the Gottorp Manor date back to the middle of the 12th century, when the bishop of Schleswig Okko settled here. Over the course of several centuries, the castle has constantly changed its owners, among whom were eminent historical figures.

Gradually the residence was expanded and reconstructed. Particularly significant changes took place under the Danish monarch Frederick I, who spent most of his reign here and died here. In 1544 the Gottorp Palace passed into the possession of Frederick's youngest son, Duke Adolf, whose descendants ruled the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp from here.

It is noteworthy that the owners of the estate have always tried to maintain friendly relations with Russia ... Frederick III, for example, sent his courtier to the Moscow court. The famous Gottorp Globe, ordered by him and housed in a special eastern pavilion in the garden, is now part of the Kunstkamera collection.

The palace received its current appearance at the turn of the 17th – XVIII centuries: a large-scale reconstruction was carried out. The Swedish court architect Tessin the Younger created a baroque project, thanks to which the motives of Bernini's architectural structures appeared in the restrained architecture of the palace. Gazebo, popular at that time, it serves as a keep.

Danish troops occupied Gottorp almost immediately after the construction was completed. Interior decoration, interiors of the palace fell into decay, pieces of furniture – plundered. In the 19th century, Danish (and later Prussian) barracks were located here. After World War II, displaced persons were housed here, and the local authorities took up the systematic restoration of the palace. A regular Versailles-style park, the Globe Pavilion, was restored, in which a copy of the Gottorp Globe was installed in 2008.

The Gottorp Palace has always been a symbol of the unity of Russian and German history.


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