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Sturum Castle in Germany, Berlin resort

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Sturum Castle is located in the German city of Mulheim an der Ruhr, in the federal state of North Rhine — Westphalia. An elegant castle made of light stone, entwined with greenery, with fountains and garden paths, always makes a pleasant impression on its guests.

The places where the castle is located, that is, the lower reaches of the Ruhr River, in the distant XI century belonged to the German king Henry IV, who donated it to the Kaiserwerth Abbey. And since the beginning of the 13th century, these lands have been ruled by the count family of Altena-Isenburg.

In 1288, in the battles for the Limburg inheritance, Count Dietrich von Altena-Isenburg, after the defeat, had to leave his former ancestral castle. Arriving at the site of the future Sturum castle in 1289, he began construction. After the death of Count Dietrich, his son received an estate and became the founder of the Limburg-Sturum family, whose ancestral nest became the castle.

For a long time, the estate itself does not have a house for the gentlemen, it was built in 1442 ... At the same time, the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II bestows upon Sturum the status of an imperial feud, which survived almost until the 19th century.

The 17th century was marked by the change of owners of the castle and its division between different representatives of the branches of the Limburg clan -Shturumov. As a result, Countess Anna-Magdalena, widow of a representative of the clan of Herman Otto I, and then Count Moritz, became the owner of the castle. The latter made great changes in the appearance of the castle.

The clock tower from the north of the house of the masters joins the previous buildings, to the top of which a staircase leads. Later, after a fire at the beginning of the 18th century, Sturum was restored in a slightly different style, baroque. At the same time, a beautiful park appeared around the castle.

The family of the owners of the Limburg-Shturum castle was interrupted by Count Ernst Maria, who left no heirs. As a result, in 1861 the estate was sold to the landowner Johann Schonnenbeck, who needed it as a place to cultivate the land. And in 1890, the castle began to be used at all as the residence of the general director of an industrial enterprise, for which the building was even slightly altered in a modern way.

Since 1959, the castle has been in the municipal property of the city of Mulheim-on -Rure. The park and the castle building itself are being restored and renewed again.

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Topic: Sturum Castle in Germany, Berlin resort.Sturum Castle in Germany, Berlin resort

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