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State Academy of Arts in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa

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The State Academy of Arts in Karlsruhe is one of the German universities of fine arts.

In 1854, Frederick the First founded “; The Baden Art School of the Grand Duke. '' Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, landscape painter, was appointed the first headmaster of the school. As an educator and reformer with administrative skills, Schirmer has developed specialized continuing education programs. Famous artists such as Hans Thoma and Karl Friedrich Lessing also contributed to the history of the school, and Erich Heckel taught at the school at the end of the Second World War.

In 1933, works by outstanding painters of the XX century were declared & Degenerate art.

In 1942, most of the Academy building was destroyed, and education during that period was also very limited. Even before the end of the war, training began to resume. In 1947, the Baden Academy of Arts was opened. In 1961, the Academy received the status of a Higher Educational Institution and was renamed the Karlsruhe State Academy of Arts.

For many years, the Academy of Arts was primarily considered the"Academy of Painting". Currently, the Academy's curriculum includes a number of humanities such as painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture. Theoretical courses and guest lectures are complemented by practical exercises.

The classrooms and classrooms of the Academy are located in three different buildings in Karlsruhe, in different districts. The main building is located in the Weststadt area. The administration and libraries of the Academy are located not far from the building. On Bismarck Street, you can see the beautiful Sculpture Garden. There is a Glass Castle on the outskirts of the city.


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Topic: State Academy of Arts in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa.State Academy of Arts in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa

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