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Royal Academy of Arts UK, London Resort

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The Royal Academy of Arts is one of the most influential and reputable artists associations in Great Britain. The Academy was founded in 1768, when its first forty members were approved.

Today the composition of the Academy of Arts is limited to 80 places, 14 of which belongs to sculptors, 12 to architects, 8 to engravers, the rest 46 - to painters. New members of the Academy are elected by its current members.

The main activity of the Academy is annual public exhibitions, in which not only academicians can participate, but also anyone interested artist. To do this, you need to submit your work for consideration competition commission. Often at exhibitions, works are sold, and the revenue is a significant part of the Academy's income. Royal Academy of Arts in its own way status does not accept financial assistance from the state or the Queen.

Notable members of the Academy include Thomas Gainsborough, John Everett Millais, Joseph Turner and others.
The Academy has an art school, in which studied the largest and famous artists, for example, Joseph Turner. ImageImageImageImage

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