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Bastia city in France, Corsica resort

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The city of Bastia is the most commercially successful and most visited city of Corsica, the main port of the island, located on the northeastern coast of the island.

The city was founded on the site of an ancient Roman settlement in the XII century and still has more importance and influence than the capital of Ajaccio. Despite the endless streams of tourists, the city has retained its ancient, slightly provincial charm.

Archaeological excavations carried out indicate that the Bastia area was inhabited as early as 1500 BC. BC.

However, the history of the city itself began in the second half of the 15th century. Leonello Lomellini, the Genoese governor, built his bastion here. The Genoese decided to build a safe naval base, the natural location of Bastia Bay contributed to their choice.

The city became the economic and political heart of the island. The population was divided into rich and poor, which was the precondition for the decline of the city. In 1730, desperate highlanders plundered the old Terra Vecchia area. Bastia nala fell into decay, and Napoleon moved the capital to Ajaccio. Despite some neglect, the city center is impressive.

The city center, the old quarters called Terra Vechia, consists of tall residential buildings and many baroque churches. The young Terra Nova area is located on the opposite side of the port. Its architecture is more neat, and the area itself has become the fashion center of Bastia.

All the sights of a small town can be seen in one day. Among them: Place Saint-Nicolas, the main streets, a small old port, high-rise buildings of the 18th century, citadels and old streets of Terra Vecchia, the Genoese chapels of Oratuar de Saint-Roche (built in 1604) and Oratuar de l ' Immacule-Concepcion (founded 1611), the majestic Saint-Jean-Baptiste church (built in 1636), rebuilt in the 18th century in the Rococo style, the Jesuit church Saint-Charles, the Maison de Caraffa house with a strikingly graceful balcony , Governor's Palace; Notable places include seven-storey buildings (the first skyscrapers of the Mediterranean), interweaving of dark streets, arches and stairs, the Church of Saint-Marie, built in 1458 and rebuilt in the 17th century. more than two centuries serving as the main cathedral in Corsica. Behind the church is the small chapel of the Oratuar de Saint-Croix, founded in the 16th century. An example of medieval church art is the Oratuar de Monserato chapel. It is located at a distance of two kilometers from the city center and outwardly is not remarkable. However, its interiors are really unique, especially the Scala Santa, a copy of the stairs of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.

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Topic: Bastia city in France, Corsica resort.Bastia city in France, Corsica resort

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