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Corsica. Recreation and entertainment

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The most favorable month for holidays in Corsica is September. Summer and the swimming season are still in full swing, and the heat is gradually subsiding.

Corsica has a wide variety of beaches. All of them stretch for 100 km along the East Coast.

The island offers tourists a wide selection of hotels for every taste, as well as various types of entertainment: kayaking, surfing, diving, fishing, hiking in the mountains, located almost the whole island, canoeing on mountain rivers and much more.

Yachting is especially developed in Corsica, as the bays of Corsica seem to be specially adapted for yachts of all sizes. Great waves attract surfers.

Corsica is great for diving, but any recreational hunting is prohibited.

There are several attractive towns for tourists on the island.

15 km from Ajaccio is the resort Porticcio. It has fine sand beaches and excellent restaurants. The coastline between Ajaccio and this resort town is the most beautiful in the whole of Corsica.

Those who want to learn more about the history of the island should definitely visit the economic capital of Corsica - Bastia. This city is also one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in all of France. Not far from its center there are beaches, and in the central part there are numerous boutiques and shops.

Corte is a lively resort town that is the heart of the island's history. There are a huge number of higher educational institutions in this city. Also, this town is an ideal place to start hiking and excursions.

In the south-west of Corsica is the city of Propriano - the largest commercial, yacht and fishing port. In this city, tourists can enjoy all kinds of recreation that only exist in Corsica.

In the very south of Corsica, there is the city of Bonifacio. Tourists come to it to take a walk on the sea, walk around the old French city, and from this town you can get to Sardinia - an island in Italy.

Corsican cuisine is diverse and rich. Meat products, sweets, corn porridge based on chestnut flour. Seafood deserves special attention: shrimp, oysters, mussels, many types of fish. Cheese is also produced in large quantities on the island.

Corsica is also very famous for its wines and other alcoholic beverages.



Of the sights of Corsica, museums should be especially noted:

Museum of Ethnography and Archeology. The collection of this museum reflects 10,000 years of human activity, from ancient times to the present day.

The Napoleonic Museum. The exhibits praise this the French empire. The rooms are decorated with paintings and interior details from the times of Napoleon.

The Bonaparte Museum. It is here, in the center of Ajaccio,

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