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Parliament in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Parliament building is located in the historic center of Vienna near the Hofburg Palace. It resembles an ancient temple. The architect Theophilus Hansen borrowed the style of ancient Greece when creating the palace. The building was built from 1874 to 1883.

During the Second World War, the Parliament building was badly destroyed, but during the restoration work in 1955-1956, the main part of the original interior was restored.

The area occupied by the parliament building is a little over 13,500 square meters. The building has more than 100 rooms, of which the chambers of the Federal Council and the National Council are especially important. The building also houses meeting rooms, a lobby, libraries, bars, living rooms and sports rooms.

From 1918 to the present, the building houses the federal and national councils of the Austrian parliament. Until that time, the Chamber of Deputies of the two-pronged monarchy of Austria-Hungary was located here. Today, various important state ceremonies are held in the parliament building, for example, the inauguration of the President of Austria, and every year the state speech is delivered here on the National Day of the Austrian Republic on October 26.

The most famous attraction of the parliament building is the magnificent fountain of Pallas Athena. This sculptural composition was created between 1893 and 1902 by several sculptors: Joseph Totenhain, Karl Kundmann and Hugo Hardlt. The highest point of the composition is the figure of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, who is dressed in armor and a gilded helmet, holding Nika in her right hand and a spear in her left. At her feet lie 4 figures, which are an allegorical representation of the 4 most important rivers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: the Inn and Danube in front, the Vltava and Elbe in the back. Also on the sides are cupids sitting on dolphins.

The Parliament building is open to tourists.

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Topic: Parliament in Austria, Vienna spa.Parliament in Austria, Vienna spa

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