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City of Corte in France, resort of Corsica

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Corte is a mountain town right in the center of the island of Corsica. It is often called the"soul of Corsica".

Corsica is the birthplace and foundation of Corsican nationalism, the center of Corsican identity and aspirations for independence.   In the first years after the expulsion of the Genoese, the city of Corte was practically the capital of Corsica, until France took possession of the island completely. In 1731, the first Constitution of Corsica was drawn up in Corte, and it was here that the"father of the nation" Pascal Paoli assembled the first democratic government of the island.

It often rains here, so tourists often consider Corte an inhospitable city. However, only here in Corsica is there a university where, by the way, Napoleon's father studied. In addition to the eminent educational institution, the city has enough attractions: the National Palace, the oratorio of San Teofile, the Anunciation church (built in the 15th-17th centuries) and the Museum of Corsica (founded in the 14th-18th centuries), the citadel, which is a complex with it. The city is permeated with a network of narrow, chaotically scattered medieval streets.

The architectural monuments are shaded by mountain ranges, picturesque gorges of Restonica and Tavignano. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, market stalls and stalls on the streets of the city. On the central square of Corte there is a monument to Pascal Paoli, the main street is named after him; An interesting story is connected with the name of another prominent figure of the city - the freedom fighter of Corsica - Jean-Pierre Gaffory: during the absence of the general in the city, the Genoese tried to take his wife Faustina hostage. A brave woman barricaded herself in the house and waited for her husband's help. There were traces of shrapnel on the wall of the house. In memory of this event, the house is not being renovated.

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Topic: City of Corte in France, resort of Corsica.City of Corte in France, resort of Corsica

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