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City of Ajaccio in France, resort of Corsica

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City of Ajaccio – capital of the South Corsica department. The largest city and port of the island. Located in a beautiful bay on the western coast of the island.

The exact time of the city's founding is unknown. The first mentions of him appeared in the letters of Pope Gregory the Great (VII century). This suggests that the territory of the modern city has been inhabited for a long time.

There are several versions of the origin of the city's name. One of them, the most interesting and popular, says that the city was founded by Ajax himself, the hero of the Trojan War. Other versions agree that this area was a favorite resting place for shepherds (literally translated from Latin Ajaccio -"resting place"). Officially, the city was founded in 1492, when the fortified fortress was erected by the Genoese, around which the present city grew up.

The Genoese held Corsica in their hands until 1755, the Corsicans were forbidden to settle here. In 1755, an uprising broke out, as a result of which the Corsican Republic was created. Practical Genoese, in order to avoid further conflicts and not suffer heavy losses, sold Corsica to the French. In 1780, Corsica was annexed to France.

Ajaccio gained world fame due to the fact that Napoleon was born and spent his childhood here. It was he who made Ajaccio the capital of the department and under him the main buildings appeared in the city, for example, the Palace of Justice.

Napoleon lived here for a very short time, but, nevertheless, his image is present in Ajaccio in the form of images and engravings on trinkets, souvenirs, cans of coffee, bottles of wine, postcards, medals. Many squares have sculptures of Napoleon. The names of many streets, cafes and hotels are somehow associated with the name of Napoleon.

The city has many attractions that attract tourists. This is Napoleon's grotto, where he spent his free hours as a child; a monument in honor of the capture of Moscow; Genoese fortress and towers standing separately; House-Museum of Bonaparte, in which Napoleon was born, located on the Place de la Leticia; Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, founded in 1760; Palace of Cardinal Fesch (Napoleon's uncle), museum and library located in it; the death mask of Napoleon, kept in the building of the city hall; chapel of Saint Roch,

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Topic: City of Ajaccio in France, resort of Corsica.City of Ajaccio in France, resort of Corsica

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