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Karlsruhe Palace in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa

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Karlsruhe Palace is a former residence of the Grand Dukes and Margraves of Baden, built in 1715 by Charles III Wilhelm. Today, the palace houses the Baden State Museum. The palace is also partly occupied by the German Constitutional Court, the main court building is located near the palace.

The first palace was built of wood, its architect was Jacob Friedrich von Batzendorf. By 1746, the building was already in need of major repairs. During the renovations, the wood was replaced with stone. Then the palace had two floors and an attic. Two long wings were drawn from the central hull on both sides. The tower, reaching a height of 51 meters, was originally located separately, and was connected to the palace through an open wooden gallery.

In 1770 the palace building was rebuilt according to the plans of the architect Johann Balthasar Neumann. The construction work was supervised by Friedrich von Kesslau, a former Hof Junker. In the course of the work, the windows and doors were given a larger shape, and the pavilions located between the wings of the palace and the central building were also changed. In 1785, the palace tower was shortened and also crowned with a dome.

During the Revolution, the Grand Duke Leopold was expelled from the palace. In 1918, after Frederick II signed his abdication, the palace lost the status of an ordinary residence. In 1919, a museum was opened in the building.

During the Second World War, the complex was seriously damaged during the bombing. In 1955-1966, a number of restoration works were carried out in the palace, during which only the facade was restored to its original form. The interiors were created according to a modern plan.

In 1731-1746, a beautiful park in the Baroque French style was created on the north side of the palace. Several decades later, the park was transformed by Karl Friedrich into an English landscape park. In 1967, an All-German horticultural exhibition was held in the park. Today the park is decorated with fountains, monuments and numerous installations. Nowadays, the park is a favorite place for walking and recreation, both among city residents and tourists.


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Topic: Karlsruhe Palace in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa.Karlsruhe Palace in Germany, Karlsruhe Spa

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