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Karlsburg Castle in Germany, Karlsruhe Resort

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Karlsburg Castle is one of the superb structures in Karlsruhe. The castle was built in the city of Durlach, which today is the largest district of Karlsruhe.

Margrave Karl II decided to turn a small medieval building located in Durlach into a beautiful castle and move his residence there. Charles' successors also continued to expand the castle, until in 1689 the city of Durlach and Karlsburg were incinerated by the French forces sent by Louis the Fourteenth. Only 6 residential buildings have survived in the city, and only the princess's chambers have survived from the castle. Until the end of the War of the Palatinate Succession, destruction and looting continued in the city.

In 1698, Frederick the Seventh, who had previously arrived in exile, returned to Durlach, and immediately began to restore the castle. Friedrich had ambitious plans to rebuild Karlsburg, but residents refused to support him, as the city was in complete post-war poverty.

In 1703, construction work was suspended. During this period, two castle wings were completed.

In 1715, Charles III Wilhelm wished to move his residence to a new palace and leave Durlach. In the same year, the city of Karlsruhe was founded by the margrave. After her husband moved to the new palace in Karlsruhe, the margrave still remained in the castle until her death.

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Topic: Karlsburg Castle in Germany, Karlsruhe Resort.Karlsburg Castle in Germany, Karlsruhe Resort

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