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Eisenhardt Fortress in Germany

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Image Eisenhardt Fortress – another German castle from the Middle Ages, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Bad Belzig in the German federal state of Brandenburg. The castle stands on a small hill, rising above the surroundings.
The history of the fortress goes back to ancient times, it is believed that it was laid down in   early Bronze or Iron Age. The wars for the possession of the fortress have been fought for centuries. As a result, in the XII-XIII centuries, the fortress passed into the possession of the Askania family, who won the fight against Albrecht Medvedev.
In the next few centuries, the owners of the castle were the Mark Meissen County, the Mark Brandenburg County and the Archbishop of Magdeburg, and for some time he was under the siege of the Hussites. Elector of Saxony Ernst expanded the castle after 1467 and gave it a more modern look, adding stone tops.
And he was engaged in the restoration of the fortress after the major destruction of the Thirty Years War already Elector Johann Georg III. Since then, the interior of the fortress has changed significantly, but the exterior has not undergone any special changes, except in the 60s. In the 20th century, a kitchen wing was added. During World War I and II, one hall of the castle served as a hospital for the wounded.
Today the Eisenhardt Fortress serves as a museum that attracts a large number of tourists. Part of the building is reserved for the local registry office, which offers to hold a wedding in a romantic medieval style. Tourists are also attracted by the rich library with old tomes telling about the rich history of the castle. There is also a comfortable hotel and rustic cuisine here.


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Topic: Eisenhardt Fortress in Germany.Eisenhardt Fortress in Germany

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