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Heidelberg Castle in Germany, Heidelberg Resort

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Heidelberg Castle is one of the most significant cultural and historical monuments in Germany. Until the end of the 17th century, the castle was the main residence of the electors of the Palatinate.

The exact date of construction of the castle is not known for certain today. For the first time the name Heidelberg is found in documents dating back to 1196.

In 1214, Emperor Frederick II presented the castle as a gift to Louis I, ruler of the Palatinate. Over the next four centuries, the castle complex continued to develop and subsequently became one of the most brilliant royal courts in the country.

The castle was built in stages. Each new ruler of the Palatinate considered it his duty to add new structures to the complex. In some architectural parts of the castle, the names of Friedrich V, Otto Heinrich, Ruophert III and Ludwig V were immortalized. The oldest part of the castle – the wing of Ruophert III, erected at the beginning of the 15th century.

Frederick the Fifth left behind the greatest artistic legacy embodied in the elements of the castle. Having married Elizabeth Stuart in 1613, Frederick immortalized his love confession in a stone on Elizabeth's gate, which at that time served as the main entrance to the garden of the Hortus Palatinus.

In 1619 Count Palatine Frederick The fifth accepted the offer for the crown of Bohemia, despite the approach of a great war. By that time, the construction of the castle had already been completed, and a series of destruction was waiting for it, caused by various military events up to the 19th century.

By the 19th century, the castle had lost its status as a government residence. Part of its walls was dismantled for the construction of new structures.

In the 19th century, the destroyed castle became a place of pilgrimage for many famous painters.

From total destruction the castle was saved by Charles de Gremberg, volunteer caretaker of the castle. Thanks to Gremberg, the first guide to Heidelberg Castle was published. There were more and more tourists every year, in connection with which it was decided to completely restore the castle.

In the XX century, the popularity of the castle as a historical monument continued to grow, and today tourists from all over the world come here. Also, the castle is in demand among newlyweds – more than a hundred wedding ceremonies are held here annually.


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Topic: Heidelberg Castle in Germany, Heidelberg Resort.Heidelberg Castle in Germany, Heidelberg Resort

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