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ImageBuckland Abbey was once a Cistercian abbey, and later the Tudor secularization turned it into a manor house with surrounding territories. It is located in the southern English county of Devonshire, near the city of Yelverton. After the transformation of the abbey into a manor, it came into the possession of Richard Grenville, and after his death, passed to his son, who was a navigator. It was he who in 1581 sold the estate to another sailor, whose name is extremely well known. The former Buckland Abbey was owned by Francis Drake, who lived here for 16 years. Today, the intricately painted drum that belonged to Captain Drake is one of the main attractions of the estate. According to legend, this drum begins to sound on its own when England is in danger or some very significant event occurs. Drake's descendants owned the estate until 1946, and then it was transferred to the ownership of the National Trust and retrained as a museum.

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