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Royal palace-fortress Alcazar in Spain, resort Seville

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This fortress-palace is located in the southeastern part of Triunfo Square. Initially, a medieval fortress stood in its place, but in the 14th century, Moorish architects rebuilt the building, preserving some of the original features.

To the left of the Hunting Yard are the apartments of Charles V. There is also his personal chapel, decorated with tiles. Other rooms are decorated with Flemish tapestries from the 16th and 18th centuries. Of these, the most interesting are those that depict the conquest of Tunisia.  

For the wedding of Charles the Fifth, the garden El Naranjal was specially designed, which means Orange Grove. It was made in the Renaissance style.

The first floor of the palace is decorated with a coffered ceiling. It also houses the Hall of Charles V, the dining room and rooms of Pedro the Cruel's favorite, Maria de Padilla.

From the dining room you can get to the Hall of Ambassadors. This room is the oldest in the palace. Its stalactite vault is made of cedar wood. The room is also decorated with a frieze and Arabic script.

You can get to the upper floor of the palace by a magnificent staircase. It contains the rooms of the Catholic Monarchs. It is worth paying attention to the Royal Chapel, in which the altar is decorated with tiles.

The Court of the Ladies deserves special attention. It is located to the left of the main gate of the palace. This courtyard was built between 1369 and 1379. Its open arabesque is supported by 52 columns. A glass gallery was added to the courtyard in the 16th century.  


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Topic: Royal palace-fortress Alcazar in Spain, resort Seville.Royal palace-fortress Alcazar in Spain, resort Seville

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