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Alcazar in Segovia in Spain, Segovia resort

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This castle is one of the most famous in Spain. Initially it was just a modest fortress, but it was rebuilt many times, and as a result, it became the most popular castle-palace in the country.  

Alcazar was first mentioned in historical records of the 12th century. Throughout its existence, this building has been a palace, a prison and even an academy. In 1862 it was destroyed by fire, but it was quickly restored. In 1898, the Spanish military archive was placed in the castle, which is still kept on the very last floor of the palace.

The most popular premises of the Alcazar is the Throne Room. You can get into it through the Fireplace Hall. The throne room still retains its original Moorish design. In the very center of the room there is a throne on which the motto of the Spanish kings is written – `` tanto monta ''. The walls of the hall are decorated with portraits of these very kings.

In the Royal – the main hall of the castle – the most important events took place. Another hall of the castle – Hall of the Galera – was named so because it is made in the shape of an inverted ship and decorated with elements of the Mudejar and Gothic style. The Hall of the Cord is decorated with a Franciscan cord. According to one of the versions, Alfonso the Wise ordered to depict this cord here as a sign of repentance for his pride.

Armory Hall – this is the real highlight of the castle. In it you can see weapons from different eras. An old coin press is located in a small room nearby.  

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Topic: Alcazar in Segovia in Spain, Segovia resort.Alcazar in Segovia in Spain, Segovia resort

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