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Toledo Alcazar in Spain, resort of Toledo

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This fortress palace is located on the highest hill in the city. According to some sources, this place has always been a city fortress and defensive structures. The Alcazar building, which we can see now, was built under Charles V as a royal residence.

Fortress – it is a quadrangular building with defense towers at the corners. North facade – especially graceful – decorated with pilasters, pediments and ornaments. A little later, the main facade, or rather its portal, was decorated with heraldic symbols and statues of warriors.

Karl the Fifth died without waiting for the completion of the palace construction. His successor Philip II gave orders to make the palace more strict (style, in which it was performed, later called herresco).

The courtyard of the castle is decorated with a colonnade and semicircular arches. In its center there is a monument to Charles the Fifth. This sculpture is a copy, the original is kept in Madrid.

The palace never became truly royal, as it was completed after the capital of Spain was moved to Madrid. The former wives and widows of the rulers lived here.

In the 18th century, the fortress was partially destroyed during the War of the Spanish Succession, it was also damaged during the Napoleonic occupation and during the fire of 1887. The last time the fortress was destroyed in 1936, when it was besieged by the Republicans. Later it was reconstructed. Today the fortress is a military museum.  

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Topic: Toledo Alcazar in Spain, resort of Toledo.Toledo Alcazar in Spain, resort of Toledo

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