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Kreuzburg Fortress in Germany

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The Kreuzburg fortress   was built in the distant Middle Ages and is located in the city of the same name, in the Wartburg region of the federal state of Thuringia. The fortress is located on a hill in the center of the city.

The castle was built in 1165-1170.   Initially, it was thought that the German noble dynasty of Ludovings would live here, the building would be their ancestral nest. Local residents are well aware of the legend about a certain monk Boniface, who erected a cross on the site of the future castle construction, and therefore, first, a monastery was erected here on the site where the medieval chapel was located.

The Landgrave gave the order for the construction Ludwig II. The style of the walls, the palace and even the outbuildings is Romanesque. The territory of the fortress itself is considered one of the most extensive in the country, amounting to 7400 square meters. This includes both buildings and an extensive winter garden that stretches along the southern and eastern slopes of the hill. And if you measure the length of all the fortress walls, the total is 340 feet.

The fortress, which combined the functions of a monastery and a defensive structure, was a good cover for the Landgrave possessions. Gradually, residential buildings began to appear around the monastery, by 1213 Kreuzburg rightfully became a full-fledged city and the most important residence of the Landgrave. In 1260, the castle withstood heavy sieges and was even temporarily captured.

Since the beginning of the 15th century Kreuzburg – it is also the administrative headquarters, called the Yellow House. During the Thirty and Seven Years Wars, the army headquarters and officials were located here.

In the 18th century, the castle was restored by the state architect Gottfried Heinrich Krohn, commissioned by the Duke of Saxony, Johann Wilhelm. Kreuzburg, nicknamed `` The Duke's House. '' The territory of the castle receives additions in the form of new buildings and a wonderful park. Today the fortress is open to the public.  

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Topic: Kreuzburg Fortress in Germany.Kreuzburg Fortress in Germany

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