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New Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz Resort

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The New Linz Cathedral is considered the largest church in Austria in terms of area and capacity for parishioners during church services. Its construction lasted about 60 years, the beginning of construction dates back to the 60s of the XIX century. The construction of the cathedral was carried out at the expense of the city itself, parishioners and the Catholic Church. The temple was designed by architect Vincent Statz. For a long time the cathedral was called the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, therefore it still has two names.

The cathedral was built in the neo-Gothic style. The layout of the building of the temple resembles a Catholic cross. The total area occupied by the cathedral is more than 5 thousand square meters. Its tallest tower reaches about 135 meters. The temple has 6 chapels, which are decorated with stone statues and marble altars. The highest tower is adjoined by two chapels, which are located opposite each other.

The new cathedral is famous for its stained-glass windows, of which there are about 2 thousand. They depict war and battles, the history of the city and events associated with the Catholic Church. During the Second World War, as a result of bombing, part of the stained glass windows was destroyed, after which they were replaced with stained glass windows by modern authors.

In addition to the stained glass windows, the temple is also known for its magnificent organ. During the Christmas holidays, Catholics and tourists gather here to see the 12-meter creche, the largest in Europe.  


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Topic: New Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz Resort.New Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz Resort

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