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Holstein Gate in Germany, Lubeck resort

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The Holstein Gate is a medieval western gateway to Lubeck, as well as a historical symbol of the city and the Hansa – the famous union of northern German cities that existed in the XIII-XVII centuries.

The gate was part of the system of city fortifications of the capital of the Hansa. In 1864, even before the dismantling of the fortifications, the gate complex was just a cascade, consisting of four independent defensive structures.

The gate that has survived to our time consists of the northern and southern towers, connected by a central span. The main material for the construction of the towers was black and red glazed bricks. The windows were made in the form of loopholes.

The gate has five floors. A notable feature of the towers is the tapered roofs. The middle span is decorated with a pediment, on which you can see an inscription that reads: 'Concordia Domi Foris Pax', which means 'Consent inside, outside the world'.

Nowadays in Holstein the gate houses the City History Museum. Concerts, as well as spectacular and cultural performances are often held in the square in front of the gate.

Today, the Holstein Gate, along with other medieval buildings in the historic center of Lubeck, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Holstein Gate in Germany, Lubeck resort.Holstein Gate in Germany, Lubeck resort

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