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Crusader city in Israel, Akko resort

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The Crusader City is a massive complex that previously housed the Knights of St. John. At the moment, part of the city is still underground. The complex was buried under a large earthen mound, on top of which a citadel was built by Al-Jazzar.

In 1955-64, most of the complex was excavated from the ground. Here you can observe the refectory, which is a huge rectangular hall with vaulted cruciform ceilings mounted on three round pilasters. The refectory was created in 1148 in honor of the visit of the city by Louis the Seventh of France, as evidenced by the lilies carved on both consoles.

Immediately behind the refectory there is a descent into an underground lighted gallery, the construction of which dates back to the Persian era. Later, the Crusaders used the gallery as a hidden passage to the harbor. Previously, the gallery was about 350 meters long, but today it stretches only up to 65 meters to the Bosta building, which was used by the crusaders as a shelter or refuge for pilgrims.

Right under the mosque is a huge water tank used in times of the crusaders. Nearby are the eight crusader halls, the crypt of St. John and the courtyard built by the Order of John, which are now open to tourists.

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Topic: Crusader city in Israel, Akko resort.Crusader city in Israel, Akko resort

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