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Bridge of Biscay in Spain

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This bridge connects the cities of Las Arenas and Portugalete. The people of Madrid call it the 'suspension bridge' - Puente Colgante. In fact, this bridge is not suspended, but this name stuck and is used even on the official site of the attraction.

The bridge is an unadorned structure. Its support – these are two towers made of metal, the height of each is 61 meters. These supports are pulled back by metal cables, their ends are attached to concrete blocks at a distance of 110 meters. Between the towers, which stand on opposite sides, there are cables stretched that form a parabola.

This conveyor bridge is the oldest of its kind. It was designed by Alberto de Palacio, Basque architect, in 1893.

During the Spanish Civil War, the bridge was closed for 4 years. On June 17, 1937, the upper section of the bridge was blown up, but later restored.

Currently, the bridge is effectively working, its gondola can transport 6 cars and several dozen people from one bank to another in just one and a half minutes.

In 2006   Bridge of Biscay was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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