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Nimrod Fortress in Israel, Golan Heights resort

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Nimrod Fortress is an ancient fortress located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, in the north of the Golan Heights.

The fortress was built on the orders of Osman al-Aziz in 1229, to forestall any attempts to attack Damascus. In 1230, after the expansion, the fortress occupied almost the entire mountain range.

30 years later, Baybars was already strengthening the fortress, adding also two watchtowers. Subsequently, the castle was transferred to Bilik, who was the second commander of Baybars. Thanks to the new chief, extensive construction activities began here.

In the 13th century, after the Muslims captured the city of Akko, the fortress fell into decay, losing its strategic importance.

In 1517 -m year these lands were captured by the Turks. The fortress was used as a luxury prison for the nobles. In the 16th century, the fortress was completely abandoned, and two centuries later it was destroyed by an earthquake.

The entire complex of the fortress was built of large hewn stones. Today, along the walls, one can observe the preserved semi-circular and rectangular towers. The fortress overlooks a narrow deep valley that separates Mount Herman from the main part of the Golan Heights and controls the road that connects Damascus with Galilee and the city of Bianis, formerly part of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Today, the restored part of the fortress is open for tourists. The main entrance to the complex is located in the eastern part of the fortress. Here are the `` secret corridors '' – underground water tanks and spiral staircases. There are also many examples of medieval 'loopholes'. – the windows, wide on the inside and narrow on the outside, were specially designed for crossbows and bows.

In the central part are the most massive watchtowers in the fortress. Remains of the inner citadel can be seen in the western part of the complex. To protect the citadel, its own drawbridge and moat were built.

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Topic: Nimrod Fortress in Israel, Golan Heights resort.Nimrod Fortress in Israel, Golan Heights resort

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