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Tzipori National Park (Sepphoris) in Israel, Nazareth resort

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Tsipori National Park is an ancient walled city, which today is the most popular tourist attraction.

The city has many historical and architectural monuments dating back to different periods – Assyrian, Babylonian, Byzantine, Roman, Islamic, Ottoman and Arabic.

In 63 BC. Israel was conquered by the Romans, and already in 55 BC. the city of Zipori was proclaimed the capital of Galilee.

The city reached its highest prosperity during the reign of Herod the Great. In the 1st year BC. after the death of the king, a riot was raised in the city, which, according to the decree of the governor of Varus, was brutally suppressed by the soldiers. The city was destroyed, and the locals were turned into slaves.

Herod Antipas, who inherited Galilee from his father, discovered the entire capital of ruins. Over time, active restoration work was carried out in Zipori, after which Josephus Flaphius called the city as `` the glory of all Galilee. ''

In the year 220, the last point in the Mishnah was put by Rabbi Judah Ha-Nasi. The sages who lived in Tzipori at that time also contributed to the writing of the Jerusalem Talmud.

Until the beginning of the fourth century, the presence of Christians in Tzipori was not attested. At the same time, the inhabitants of the city suffered from the oppression of the Romans.

In 351, the Jews organized an uprising against Caesar, which was brutally suppressed. According to some sources, during an unsuccessful uprising, the city was destroyed to the ground. According to the conducted archaeological excavations, the destruction of the city occurred in 363 due to an earthquake.

Since the 5th century, the city has been inhabited by Jews and Christians, and by the middle of the century there was a small Jewish community in the city. Later, the crusaders built the Church of St. Anne in the city.

In 1187, from the southern side of the city from the spring, an army of Crusaders was sent to help Tiberius, which was on the Horns of Hattin   was defeated the next day. In the same summer, the city was captured by Saladin and returned to the crusaders under the treaty of 1240. Until 1263, before the arrival of the Mamluks, Tsipori was held by the Templars.

In the city, it is worth visiting the Roman theater, residential quarters of the Talmud, a villa built in the third century, a Crusader fort, the Lower City, an underground water station, etc. .

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Topic: Tzipori National Park (Sepphoris) in Israel, Nazareth resort.Tzipori National Park (Sepphoris) in Israel, Nazareth resort

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