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Akko Walls in Israel, Akko Resort

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The construction of the city walls was carried out between 1750-1840 in three stages. The first wall, erected in 1750-51, was 10-13 meters high and about a meter wide. The wall surrounded the whole city from the sea and from the land, but it could not protect against stairs and undermines. The entrance to the city was a gate located on the south-east and north-west sides of the fortress wall.

The second wall was built during the reign of Al-Jazzar. A canal was dug between the new and old walls. Thanks to the walls, the city was able to withstand the siege of Napoleon, after which Al-Jazzar continued to strengthen the walls, and also built new ones.

The construction of the walls was completed by 1801. Nine new towers were added, and a very wide and deep moat was dug, which was filled with water. Cannons were installed on the towers and walls, which, thanks to their good location, could shoot through all approaches to the city from the side of land and sea.   The walls were accessible only to civilians or the military, upon presentation of a special pass.

In 1804, after the death of Al-Jazzar, Suleiman Pasha, who took his position, began to strengthen the western and northern walls. He also built walls against the stairs, in which small loopholes were arranged, after which he proceeded to build an outer moat. Suleiman Pasha also built walls from the sea, for the construction of which blocks from structures built by the crusaders were used.

In 1840, an explosion thundered at the weapons depot, which partially destroyed the inner and outer walls from the sea.

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Topic: Akko Walls in Israel, Akko Resort.Akko Walls in Israel, Akko Resort

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