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Lim canal (Lim fjord) in Croatia, resort Rovinj

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The Lim Canal is a gulf that has cut into the land. The last Ice Age is considered to be the period of its formation. It is located near the cities of Rovinj and Vrsar.

The bay is about 150 meters above sea level, and scientists call it a geomorphological phenomenon. Such a unique bay is the only one in the Mediterranean.

Translated from Latin, the word"limes" means"border". During the Roman Empire, the Lima Canal was a natural border between the two Roman colonies - Pola (Pula) and Parentium (Porec). The length of the fjord is about 12 kilometers.

The Lim fjord is part of the Lim Gorge, stretching from the coast and almost to the center of the Istrian peninsula. The widest part of the bay is approximately 600 meters wide and 30 meters deep. On both sides of the bay there are steep mountains that reach a height of 100 meters.

In 1980, the Lim Bay was declared a protected area, where human economic activity was minimized. Fishing, diving, petrol transport are prohibited on its territory.

You can cruise along the canal on one of the many boats that leave from Rovinj, Porec or from the pier in the canal itself.

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Topic: Lim canal (Lim fjord) in Croatia, resort Rovinj.Lim canal (Lim fjord) in Croatia, resort Rovinj

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