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Geography and climate in Istria

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Geography and climate

Opatija is one of the most popular and sophisticated resorts in Croatia.

The city is located in the northeastern part of the Istrian peninsula on the coast of the Kvarner Bay at the junction of Istria with the mainland.

The resort is located 44 kilometers from Rijeka Airport, 200 kilometers from Zagreb and 70 kilometers from Pula.

The mountainous landscape reliably protects the city from strong sea winds, and on hot summer days it gives cool.

Aeroflot's charter flights from Moscow to Zagreb are carried out three times a week. Also from April to September there is a charter to Pula, which is performed once a week and twice as often from June to September.

Time zone: GMT +1 (-2 hours to Moscow).

Due to the unique location of the resort and the wonderful climate of the Mediterranean type, Opatija is recognized as one of the best climatic resorts in Europe.

Summer in Opatija is dry and hot, winters are warm and humid. January temperature averages + 5 ... +10 ° С, average August temperature: + 23 ... + 32 ° С.


Istria is one of the most famous tourist resorts in Croatia. The peninsula is located in the northern part of Croatia on the border with Italy.

Istria is also one of the largest peninsulas of the Adriatic. The area of the peninsula is 17,706 km ?.

To the east of the peninsula lies the Kvarner Bay, and to the west - the Gulf of Trieste.

Charter flights from Moscow to Pula are carried out once a week, from April to September, and from July to September the flight is made twice as often. From Pula you can get to any point in Istria by car.

Time zone: GMT +1 (-2 hours to Moscow).


Istrian climate is Mediterranean, moderate. Dry warm summers here give way to mild winters.

The warmest period is from June to August, the average temperature at this time is + 26 ° C.

In the winter months from December to February, the temperature the average is +5 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Istria.Geography and climate in Istria

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