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The Grand Canal in Italy, Venice resort

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The Grand Canal or the Grand Canal is the most famous canal in Venice, while, in the strict sense of the word, it is not a canal, since it is not an artificially dug structure, but a former shallow channel between the islands lagoons, including Rialto Island.

Apparently, the island was named after a canal. Rivus altus is Latin for 'deep channel'. Nowadays, the canal is one of the main urban transport arteries.

The canal originates from the lagoon at the station and, passing through the whole city, ends at the customs building, connecting with the La Giudecca canals and San Marco. The total length of the channel is about 3.8 kilometers, the width – 30-70 meters, depth up to 5 meters.

The Grand Canal is the concentration of the most beautiful buildings in Venice, which is why the locals call this water   artery `` Channel-Palace ''. On both sides of the canal there are more than 100 beautiful palaces, including: Ka 'Rezzioniko, Ka' Foscari, Ka ’ d ’ Oro, Palazzo Barbarigo and others.

The canal has practically no embankments, they are replaced by building facades facing the canal. Houses, as a rule, are erected on stilts, and have two exits - ndash; on water and on land.

Since the main traffic is along the canal, only four bridges were laid across the water artery – Accademia Bridge, Rialdo Bridge, Constitution Bridge and Scalzi Bridge.

Moving along the canal is possible by means of a vaporetto (shuttle boat, analogue of a river tram) or traditional gondolas. An alternative to bridges can be traghetto (ferry-type crossings).

The Grand Canal, along with other attractions of Venice, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: The Grand Canal in Italy, Venice resort.The Grand Canal in Italy, Venice resort

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