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Italian Street Food

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Street food in Italy Is a popular way to save money. After all, not at all be sure to go to expensive restaurants and a cafe to feel the real, traditional aroma of Italian kitchen. Street food varies in depending on the region and completely meets all the traditional features of the country.
The main types of street food in Italy:

1. Pizza - common in any area Italian city. There are many pizzerias, the assortment depends on the chefs, region, the benefits of vegetable crops. Pizza sell as on by weight, and by the piece. Pizza prices may vary within 3-10 euros. Note, what's the pizza on by weight is a pretty convenient way to save your budget. Only 200 gr. enough to eat. In the north Italy's pizza replaces focaccia - a dish in which on spicy dough cheese, meat, vegetables.Image

2. In the Romagna area common dish piadina. It literally sold everywhere: in shops, street stalls scattered throughout the territory. This food resembles thin bread in filled with pita bread finely chopped meat, vegetables, cheese. Another common in the region dish - focaccia di recco. it refined, refined version of piadina. The main feature - the bread is baked from chickpea flour.

3. Popular in Sicily gourmet aranaci appetizer. This dish made from boiled rice, interspersed meat. Then the cooks roll the ingredients into balls and fry them on open, high heat. Sale takes place either by the piece (by weight), or portioned. In Rome they can also meet, however, instead of meat in rice put cheese.
4. Florence is a special place, even if you consider only her kitchen. Here you can meet unusual tripe snack - tripe cut (belly of a cow, pig). She is great suitable for both ingredient on a sandwich or in main course, with the addition of pepper, chili sauce.

The best way to taste as much as possible traditional dishes in Italy are FoodStreet Village festival. Exactly there, best street chefs food honors everyone wishing traditional food. primary goal FoodStreet Village - saving recipes for authentic cooking.Image
Focaccia di recco

However, if you failed to get to this festival, don't be discouraged. Just try these dishes, and you will definitely be able to completely feel all the features, advantages of Italian cuisine:

- unusual olive ascolana (fried olives) prepared from a specific varieties of green olives (grown in one of the regions of Italy - Le marche). They are stuffed finely chopped meat, specially breaded, fried with the addition of spices until crisp golden brown. Them can be found on the menu of cafes, bars, street eateries. Order fried olives in a container either in paper package, in order to refresh yourself on the go - too quite popular service in Italy;

- classic, delicate cannoli horn, which first appeared in Sicily. Made dough, cannoli in the form of a tube, fried and added delicious cheese, chocolate chips, ricotta. Then, all of this sprinkle generously with grated orange peel and add cherry;Image

- rather unusual fried arancini (rice balls). Their base is a stew of meat, fish, cheese, rice. For the first time this the dish was served also in Sicily over 1000 flax back;

- uniquely gentle, soft gelato ice cream (gelato), suitable for any gourmet taste. Gelato has quite varied taste, depending on region. There is even a special university preparation of gelato, in which professional chefs come up with unique fruit, vegetable and even meat combinations;

- for food lovers the dish porchetta romana is satisfying (porketta of the novel). Panini sandwich with juicy, roasted young pig, having the most tender meat combined with exquisite Italian spices (rosemary, garlic, spicy herbs) will conquer any meat eater and will certainly leave an indelible, pleasant mark in the heart.

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