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Where to eat in Italy?

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In addition to expensive, well-known restaurants in Italy, you can quite eat on a budget. The main method of inexpensive eating is visiting small cafes, bars. There are more than 300 thousand of such establishments in Italy. The main contingent - locals, tourists.

Types of public dining places in Italy:

- Bar (Bar). Basically, this establishment is small in size. Assortment: various coffee; alcohol (beer, wine, cocktails) and soft drinks; aperitifs and mineral water; tea and milk. For food, you can order sandwiches, dessert.

- Friggitoria or rosticceria. Places that prepare grilled dishes. This is one of varieties of bars, there is a large range of alcoholic drinks in combination with a variety of meat dishes.

- Public Pizzeria establishments (pizzeria) are quite common here. Main assortment: pizzas of any diameter with the addition of fruits, smoked meats, fish and different types of meat, vegetables.Image

- Snack-bar or tavolacalda looks more like a diner than a cafe. The main feature of such establishments: meals are ordered at the counter.

- Taverna, trattoria and osteria are inexpensive restaurants. However, this nuance does not prevent them from presenting gourmet cuisine.

- Gelateria - ice cream parlor.

- Sandwich - paninoteca.

- Pastry cafes in Italy can be found under the name pasticceria.

- Also available vending machines - Distributori automatici, which are often located on busy, touristy streets. You can buy coffee, cigarettes, refreshing drinks, sandwiches and gum.Image

Italians love a hearty meal, however, due to the hot climate, the main, most dense reception food comes for dinner. The inhabitants of Italy eat breakfast mainly coffee (sometimes with adding milk) with a croissant. Sometimes replacing the croissant with a small sandwich with butter, cheese, sausage. They do it in cafes, bars, sandwiches along the way to work. That is why breakfast is quite an early meal and corresponds 07: 00-09: 00 o'clock.

Have lunch Italians at 12: 00-14: 00. Most popular lunch option at this hot time - this is pizza, seafood panino, fish, meat or vegetables. Dinner is the most the inhabitants of Italy prefer to eat a hearty meal at home. Dinner stages:

- First stage contains a snack called antipast–ĺ. It includes slicing vegetables, sausages, meat or fish.Image
Italian dishes

- Second stage - il primo - serving the first course. There are many options here: it can be like standard pasta or rice, or unusual Italian dumplings, similar to ours dumplings, dumplings or soup, broth. However, regardless of the dish, on the table lays down sauce and a certain type of cheese (in Italy there are more than 300 types of cheese), spicy complementing the taste of the given food.

- Third - il secondo - the main dish of seafood, fish, meat is included in the side dish potatoes, vegetables or rice.

- Fourth, the final stage is dessert. It can be served as fruits, sweets, cheese combined with coffee with cream, milk, cognac.

Enough for dinner popular wine (vino da tavola).Image
Red wine

Note that in depending on the area, the culinary features of dishes in Italy can significantly will differ. This is due to the presence of traditional features, the presence products. For example, on islands, in coastal areas, food from fresh fish, seafood. Central Italy loves pasta and spaghetti combined with vegetables, meat, mushrooms.

When in Italy, be sure to try:

- Bruschetta. Specially prepared toasted fresh bread with specific spices, vegetables: garlic, butter, tomato wedges.

- Roman risotto. Rice with liver, with the addition of wine (marsala) and cheese (pecorino).

- Carbonara. Spaghetti with bacon (finely chopped), cheese, eggs.Image

- Saltimbocca. Delicate veal combined with ham (Parma), sage. Feed: as shashlik, zrazy.

And, of course, taste the Italian sweets prepared with the heart and soul of the chef.

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Topic: Where to eat in Italy?.Where to eat in Italy?

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